Cast Marble Adhesive

Mincey "Quick Grab" Cast Marble Adhesive has a superior bond for commercial installation

Mincey Cast Marble Adhesive is a single component construction adhesive. When fully cured, Mincey CMA achieves over 50 psi of bond area. It’s thixotropic viscosity allows it to be applied on vertical or overhead surfaces without sagging.  Bracing can be removed several times faster than typical panel board adhesive. Mincey CMA is easier to dispense and tool at a wide range of temperatures due to its advanced formulation. Approved for adhering cast marble panels to: sheetrock, green board, blue board, cement board, concrete block (painted or unpainted), ceramic tile, cast marble panels, natural stone and wood.  Note: If applying to existing panels or tile, surfaces must be cleaned to remove old water/soap film and residues.

The photograph illustrates application of adhesives we have tried.  Application- vertical, Substrate - sheetrock, room temp = 68.  warmer conditions did effect the other adhesives even more adversely.  Unlike the competitors, Mincey CMA held vertically and horizontally without sagging or skinning over before we could use it.


Read The Labels

 Our family has been respected for decades as a leader and pioneer in the cast marble industry. When you install and warranty as many cast marble showers as we do,  you learn to read the labels.  We test everything "recommended".   This ongoing pursuit lead us to our discovery of this "quick grab" Cast Marble Adhesive.  We are excited to have found an adhesive for "cast marble" worthy of the Mincey name.

Questions you should ask your adhesive....

 Is it indicated for "Cast Marble"?  

Mincey: Yes it is actually labeled for Cast Marble and stone.

What will it apply to?

Mincey:  In the past, we had to stock several products for several variables in the field.  Now one tube will cover it all.  Mincey CMA will adhere to all of the substrates we encounter, including: tile, marble, sheetrock, cement board, concrete and wood.

Is it toxic? 

Mincey:  Our Cast Marble Adhesive is VOC compliant and is almost odorless.  That is extremely important to us because we are exposed to it all day.  We were encouraged to try every other low VOC adhesive we could find.  Unfortunately nothing passed our bonding tests.  We are pleased to have finally found a VOC compliant product effective in our industrial setting.