Custom Colored Silicone

MBI silicone colors hz

We sell Custom Color Match Silicone to match every Mincey Marble Color

Mincey Bathroom Installation sells industrial grade, high performance 100% RTV silicone caulk that is computer color matched to every Mincey Cast Marble color.  Our low VOC professional line of products are now available to Builders and installers where ever Mincey Marble is delivered.

If you are purchasing a Mincey Marble product, you have selected a beautiful and durable surround or vanity. Take a moment to consider how properly matched caulking will enhance your finished project. Caulking should provide a supporting role and not distract from the beauty of your new investment. This high quality silicone has been matched exclusively for use with Mincey Cast Marble products to ensure that your installation looks as seamless as possible.

Mincey Bathroom Installation Inc has installed Mincey Cast Marble in over a thousand Hotels, Hospitals, military bases and Apartment properties.  After years of testing many products we are finally satisfied with the color and performance of this caulking.  We know that you will be pleased with this products performance and beauty for years to come.

Please note that Mincey Bathroom Installation is a separate company from Mincey Marble Manufacturing.  

 This product ships in 10 oz tubes and is sold in cases of 12 tubes.  We stock most colors that sell for just $6.50 a tube.    To place an order call or email 706-867-1700   We look forward to serving you!